Howe Motorsports Testing New No Prep Kings Season 6 Rules!

Take a look at this, Howe Motorsports Testing New No Prep Kings Season 6 Rules!

The National Pro Street Association (NPK) season 6 is just around the corner, and racers are getting ready to hit the tracks with their modified cars. In preparation for the upcoming races, a group of racers recently gathered at Virginia Motorsports Park for a five-day testing session to try out some new rules for the season.

The racers faced some challenging conditions during the testing session. They tested only in the worst part of the day when the heat’s on the racetrack and the sun beats down on the surface, with track temperatures ranging from 190 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. They also had to deal with foreign no prep conditions and no glue or any other substances on the racetrack.

Despite the difficult conditions, the racers were able to learn a lot and make some important adjustments to their cars. They focused on making their cars more consistent players when the sun is on the track, especially during the first couple of rounds on Friday or Saturday.

The testing session was a great opportunity for the racers to work on their tuning and see what works best for their cars. They found a couple of things that they will be sharing with fans in a tuning part one video coming up soon.

One of the most interesting things that they did during the testing session was testing two cars at the same time. This allowed them to jump in the GTR, put it down the racetrack, park the car at the top end, jump in a pit vehicle, drive it to the starting line, fully dressed with a Hans device, helmet, gloves, boots, and the whole nine yards, and then jump over into the next car to race.

The testing session also gave the racers a chance to diagnose a problem that had been affecting one of their cars for quite some time. They finally figured out that it was a bad strut, which was causing the tire to drop too quickly, affecting the car’s stability. Once they fixed the problem, they immediately picked up 460 feet and the car went straight down the racetrack.

Overall, the testing session was a huge success, and the racers feel confident going into the start of the NPK season in Hebron, Ohio. They are determined to make their cars as consistent as possible and make fewer mistakes than the guy next to them. With the new rules in place, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top this season.

The racers also expressed their gratitude to the staff at Virginia Motorsports Park and Tommy Franklin for their hospitality during the testing session. They are looking forward to seeing their fans in Hebron, Ohio, and have some exciting contests coming up for their followers on social media.

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