Street Outlaws Chuck Seitsinger Coyote Update New Paint and More!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Chuck Seitsinger Coyote Update New Paint and More!!!

Chuck Seitsinger, one of the stars of the hit television show “Street Outlaws,” recently unveiled a major update to his beloved Mustang, affectionately nicknamed “The Coyote.” The upgrades include a brand new paint job and other exciting changes that have transformed the car into a true street racing machine.

According to Chuck, The Coyote had already done a lot of work this year, and he felt it was time to give the car a bit of an upgrade. He sent it to Amarillo, Texas, where Mike Chris and his team got to work on the bodywork. While the car was already fairly straight, Chuck wanted it to be perfect. He wanted a car that would turn heads and win car shows, but he also wanted it to be fast enough to take on anyone on the street.

The result is a stunning Mustang that is both beautiful and powerful. The green metallic paint job is unique and eye-catching, and the bodywork is flawless. Chuck even got rid of the side exhaust and opted for tailpipes instead to make the car more street-friendly. With all the trim now the same color and even the mirrors matching, this Mustang is a perfect example of the “Best of Both Worlds,” as Chuck puts it.

The Coyote is now one of the nicest race cars Chuck has ever owned, and he’s clearly proud of it. He can’t stop smiling as he talks about it, and it’s easy to see why. The hard work that Mike Chris and his team put into this car really shows, and Chuck is quick to praise them for their efforts.

While the car is beautiful to look at, it’s also built for speed. Chuck is excited to get back out on the street and take on anyone who dares to challenge him. He’s confident that The Coyote has what it takes to beat anyone who comes his way.

For fans of “Street Outlaws” and street racing in general, The Coyote is a true masterpiece. With its stunning paint job and impressive performance, this Mustang is sure to turn heads and win races for years to come.

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