Incredible 8 sec. Pro Street Chevy Nova All Motor Monster!

We thought you may want to take a closer look at this awesome Pro Street Chevy Nova all motor monster! 

Yes we know that this video might not be the newest video, but it is still something that we would like to share with you since it’s not everyday that you see a car go below 8.50 and finish with a top speed of 162 miles per hour, without the use of air induction

We all know that the best solution for extra horsepower is compressing air into the cylinders and insuring there is huge amounts of air in them mixed with fuel in order for the explosion to be more powerful and slam the piston down with more force cranking up the power, be it with a turbo compressor or a rotary compressor (the most common kind of supercharger).

This time however we bring you a mean Nova which breathes only by the power of its lungs and still manages to make some amazing passes, check it out in the video bellow.

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