Ford Mustang Crashes Leaving Ford Dealership In Classic Mustang Fashion!

As unbelievable as it sounds, we have another Mustang crashing while trying to leave a parking lot!

Just as we thought that we are over and done with this thing, and by now, all of the videos where a Mustang driver tries to show off with a drift on the way home from a car meet or whatever we found a new one.

By now we were thinking that all of them have learned the lesson and have either practiced on how to leave a parking lot slowly or learned how to control a small slide like this one but once again we are astonished by the terrible driving skills of a Mustang driver.

It has nothing to do with poor weather conditions we assure you, since apparently, he tried to show off, and he planned on leaving the parking lot sideways, he did not plan on entering that dealership (or whatever that thing is) thru the fence.

Oh, and it was him who actually asked to be filmed drifting on the way out of the parking lot, so thanks for asking, we will enjoy your stupidity, hit play to do so.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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