Incredible Small Tire 1970 Chevy Nova 7sec. Pass on the Strip!

Take a look at this Incredible Small Tire 1970 Chevy Nova 7sec. 1/4 mile Pass on the Strip! 

Ok we have to admit that the title had us going for a second but after watching the video we realized that there is something wrong with the title, since this video is a 1970 Chevy nova making a 7 second pass, but on a 1/8-mile course.

Whoever made the video was probably not that well informed about the track and apparently about racing in general since you can immediately tell that there is something fishy with the numbers here.

Either way, this is a great car, and yes, the numbers might be wrong but it would still probably equate to around a 10 or 11 second pass on a ¼ mile track, and yes that’s a guess we did not do the math so don’t kill us with the exact math please.

Watch this nice car perform well on the video bellow and enjoy, who cares if it’s not exactly a 7 second car right? 

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