The World’s Most INSANE Street Race!

This is Definitely The World’s Most INSANE Street Race!

It is no secret that the Swedish car fans are crazy about American Muscle cars and American Classic cars, and this time we have one of the insane videos to prove this theory.

They call it Stockholm Open and it has been held for many years now bringing one of the craziest modified cars in the whole Scandinavian area, as they manage (not sure how) to turn the roads around and in Stockholm into a drag strip and see who’s the king of Stockholm.

No matter how much you love American muscle there are some insane examples of European power out here in this video as we check out the crazy Turbo-charged LS-X Volvo from the 80’s pushing some insane horsepower numbers as it chirps and spits flame all over the place.

There is just too much going on for explanation so you have to play the video and watch this crazy event, and don’t ask us how did they manage not to get arrested, we’re wondering the same thing.

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