Check this amazing 360 spin save by one pro street Chevy Nova!

This time we take you to Kansas Speedway where another No Prep Event is taking place during which we check out one crazy spin by a great looking Nova, who’s driver does an exemplary job of keeping the car away from the wall.

The whole race starts great but that beast apparently has enough power to spin the tires midway down the quarter mile track and at that point he gets in trouble.

All of a sudden, he is sawing at the wheel trying to catch that rear end before it passes the front end of the car, and it is no easy task apparently, as he spins luckily in the grass.

We are not going to guess why he rolled down the window as soon as he stopped but apparently it was not in order to puke.

Check out the video as he nearly flips this beauty while trying to save it from spinning out.

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