Mom got FREAKED OUT in Hellcat UBER!

Mom got FREAKED OUT in Hellcat UBER! 

Uber has been gaining popularity at an astonishing rate lately and with it, Uber pranks have been on the rise, since who would not want to see how a mom freaks out when you take her and her son on a ride in one of the greatest American Made cars of today, the Hellcat.

On the way back from seeing The Smurfs movie, mom and her kid get a small surprise as a guy in a Hellcat shows up as their Uber driver.

Apparently the kid is amazed by the ride and he even says he wishes dad would get a car like this and even tells his mom that she is a party pooper.

The way this kid stares at the dashboard and enjoys the sudden burst of power, we think that this ride might have turned him on the right path in life, to love cars.

Check out the cool video and tell us, would you enjoy a ride like this, or would you turn it down?

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