Insane LAMBORGHINI Supercharged V8 Drag Car Testing!!!

Take a look at this, Insane LAMBORGHINI Supercharged V8 Drag Car Testing!!! 

Over the years there have been an incredible amount of different cars that we have seen getting turned into a race car and this might be one of the craziest ones.

The first thing we thought when we read the tittle was the fact that the engine in a Lamborghini is at the back, or rather in the middle of the car to be exact, and not in the front where we saw the monstrous supercharger.

That of course meant that this thing is just a fiberglass Countach shell on top of the racing tube chassis that is powered by a massive blown V-8.

With that huge spoiler and a cartoonish looking supercharger scoop, this thing looks like something Batman would take racing in the comics.

 Be that as it may, it is still a drag car that is apparently struggling to make a complete pass at the strip and we thought you might take a look at it so check out the video.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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