Is No Prep Kings Better than Street Outlaws? Shocking Truth Revealed

Your thoughts, Is No Prep Kings Better than Street Outlaws? Shocking Truth Revealed!

It was what seems a lifetime ago when Pilgrim Media Group put a show on The Discovery Channel which covered a very sketchy subject, street racing.

All of sudden there were a few cameras stuck to the cars that went out every night to a spot that nobody but the few racers and their team knew about as they organized a few illegal street races night after night.

The show exploded instantly and all of a sudden everybody knew the names of Big Chief, Daddy Dave,

Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington, and the rest of the Oklahoma street racing scene and wanted to find out who will be the new or old number one of the top of the now famous 405 street racing list.

As soon as these guys started appearing on TV, callouts started arriving from different crews from all over the country, from other street racers that considered themselves the fastest street racers, and they wanted a piece of the action as well as the bragging rights to claim that their crew is the fastest and baddest street racers in the country.

The show has gained such huge momentum that nearly all the spin-offs that they filmed grabbed an additional audience and started getting more and more successful on their own.

So that brought about the big question.

Had one of the shows outgrown the original Discovery show that they were all based on?

Before we answer that we have to explain the many differences between these two shows and one of the biggest ones, of course, is the funding and the prize money.

The Street Outlaws No Prep Kings championship awards $40 000 cash for winning each event and an additional $100 000 to the season winner, now that is a significant amount of money to any racer, so has it pulled these guys off the street?

Well, check out the video and find out more about this.

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One thought on “Is No Prep Kings Better than Street Outlaws? Shocking Truth Revealed

  1. The original show with Big Chief was much more entertaining and with Chief as the lead spokesman his personality stood out and he is a great speaker. I find No prep kings a good show but there is so much BS between races it takes too long, having said that I always video it and fast forward through the parts I’m not interested in listening to as well as commercials. I really hated to see the original 405 disappear to me it though, to me it was a much more entertaining and realistic as far as actual street racing goes

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