Outlaw Pro Mod Drag Racing – ORP Street Machine Shootout!

Check this, Outlaw Pro Mod Drag Racing – ORP Street Machine Shootout!

Rogersville Missouri is the destination that we have in mind for you today, and we urge you to join us on a trip to the Ozark Raceway Park where the 2022 ORP Street Machine Shootout is about to go down.

Believe it or not, it was the closing of the Springfield-Ozark Dragway that prompted the birth of the

Ozark Raceway Park back in 1977. Granted back then the track was called Ozark Nationals and it hosted the 2-day grand opening race billed as the Ozark Open.

As with many tracks in the US, ownership changed over the years and it was not too long ago when in

2009, Mitch, Marty, and Neal Chance took over the track and gave it the name we all know it by these days, the Ozark Raceway Park.

While the track did change ownership again this year with Katie Lotsberg & Kevin Jewer taking over the helm they decided to keep the same name.

One of the most popular characteristics of the track is the bumpy top end of the track that has tuners banging their heads on how much power to put in near the finish line, while at the same time giving the drivers a chance to try out their reflexes and handling capabilities.

With the field filled with pro modifiers like Jerry Hunt and Eddie Rogers, there was no doubt that the weekend will be filled with incredibly fast passes and amazing drag racing action.

From grabbing the first and second place in the qualifying all the way to the finish these guys put down some amazing runs with Eddie Rogers stopping the clock at 3.90 and maxing out the speed trap at 190, all the way to Jerry Hunt who showed amazing consistency and froze the timer at 3.83 with an incredible 195 MPH.

So check out the video and see all the action from the 2022 Street Machine Shootout.

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