Mustang Crashes into the Wall on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings in Norwalk!!

Take a look at this, Mustang Crashes into the Wall on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings in Norwalk!!

Norwalk is today’s destination as we follow the No Prep Kings caravan on the last few races of the season before the winner is decided.

Unfortunately, as the title announces we have a car hitting the wall during the event.

As always let us inform you about the most important thing, which is that the driver is uninjured and he walked away from the crash, with the safety equipment doing its job perfectly and making sure that he will be able to drive away from the crash, unharmed.

When it comes to the championship, mathematically it can be won by nearly 25 drivers now.

While this might sound implausible, numbers don’t lie and with a total of 360 points that are to be awarded in the next few races, technical we have to count these guys in.

This would mean that Ryan is not allowed any points, and not showing up to any of the races is what is needed of him for the 25th in points to win.

Realistically, Kye Kelley and maybe Lizzy Musi are the ones to look out for because we all know that Ryan will not let this championship slide like the first two did.

So far he has managed to grab the $40 000 and the trophy at 6 of the total 12 events, and with one more victory than that in the Great 8 events or a total of 7 counting the one from today, he has shown massive dominance over the field, in a year that was supposed to be favoring cars that are powered by Nitrous.

So let’s get back to our video and the crash.

Some say the crash has been caused by the big drop in temperature on the track, all the way to the forties, which in turn brought a massive drop in traction and unfortunately has cost this racer a new paint job.

So check out the video and tell us what you think.

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