What happened to Daddy Dave in “Street Outlaws”? Health Update

Take a look at this, What happened to Daddy Dave in “Street Outlaws”? Health Update.

Over the years as we have covered the Street Outlaws scene, we have mentioned that these guys have done more than anybody else over the years to bring the sport of street racing to everybody in the entire world.

This time the Celebrity Net Worth YouTube channel features Daddy Dave and his rise in the list as well as the entire street racing scene in Oklahoma and well beyond.

As you may or may not know, Daddy Dave started his career on the small screen behind the wheel of the Sonoma nitrous assisted truck which was showing everybody that with enough nitrous you can move a truck as fast as any other car on the street.

After putting in the work and getting the truck to the very top of the 405 street racing list, he decided that it is time for him to get behind the wheel of his own car, and thus the Goliath was born.

As expected the Goliath was powered by nitrous oxide and it started getting up the list, however at a No Prep Kings race, he ended up hitting the wall and destroying the Goliath in the process.

After this accident, he was quick to get behind the wheel of the Plan B Corvette pro-mod which also started climbing the list really fast.

He managed to end the season in the top spot with the crown in his hands, which was a great success.

However, at the beginning of the next season, the owner of the Plan B Vette, and the tuner started telling him how anybody can be at the top with a car that fast.

This did not go well for them as Daddy Dave decided right there and then that he will no longer be racing their car, which meant it drops from the number one spot, all the way off the list.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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