Great 8 FINAL, Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley Street Outlaws No Prep Kings – Firebird Raceway!

Take a look at this, Great 8 FINAL, Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley Street Outlaws No Prep Kings – Firebird Raceway!

If we take a look at the stats for event wins, Daddy Dave is the one that is following Ryan Martin for the

Great 8 championship, however, if we take a look at the total No Prep Kings Championship points, we

find that Ryan is being followed by non-other than Kye Kelley.

So once again they prove why they are at the top of the points game, and make it to the finals of the

first event in Bois Idaho, to battle for the win at the Great 8 events.

While these guys might be the fastest according to the points, the fact is that nobody won in the left

lane in Idaho since the No Prep Kings caravan arrived at the track, and this is starting to become

somewhat of a controversy that surrounds this race.

Fans have been commenting that lane choice might have to do much more with winning at this track

and they have all pointed their finger at the right-hand lane, which for some reason, they say has been

responsible for all these wins in this event.

For Ryan Martin, this event started with a race with Scott Tylor while on other hand, Kyle Kelley had to

race Justin Swanstrom in order to get to the semi-finals.

Both of these drivers are very fast just like everybody else in the Great 8 competition and to say that

these guys advanced just because of the right-hand lane advantage might not be fair, to be honest.

Just like we said in the beginning, seeing these guys in the finals over and over again cannot be pure

coincidence, especially with the numbernumber of points that they have amassed during this fifth season.

So let’s play the video of the Great 8 finals and see if there is any evidence of one lane being better than

the other at Idaho.

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