Ryan Martin Dominate in Idaho, meets Scott Taylor Invitationals final on No prep Kings!!!

Take a look at this, Ryan Martin Dominate in Idaho, meets Scott Taylor Invitationals final on No prep Kings!!!

Yesterday we brought you the final from the Great 8 event which took part in Idaho and Kye Kelley was facing no other than Ryan Martin.

While these two are the top contenders in the championship, Ryan’s win put a bigger gap between them.

Before Ryan was able to get to the finals of the Great 8, he had to race Scott Taylor, and we all know how that went.

While this means that yesterday Ryan had what it took to beat Scott, this is no guarantee that the same will happen again. Over the few races that these guys had to get to the invitational final, they had time to fine-tune their race cars and find the right setup to edge in front of the guy in the next lane.

These guys are pushing the envelope with each pass and this win might end up in the pocket of whoever will be brave enough to turn up the car, more than the other guy.

Of course, this is not as easy as that, and being too brave might just send your chances for the win up in smoke along with those tires if you overpower them.

Not having Kye Kelley in the finals against Ryan Martin might end up being a huge deal, and the reason for this is simple, the winner of this race gets 1.5 times the usual points so if Ryan Martin can beat Scott Taylor he will end up carrying 460 points against Kye’s 340 in the next event.

At the moment we are sure that Kye Kelley is betting on Scott Taylor to prevent this from happening, and get even with Ryan with one win each over this weekend in Idaho, but that is much easier said than done against the championship leader, so let us play the video and see who will turn on the winners light at the end of the track.

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