Is No Prep Kings Over!?

What do you think, Is No Prep Kings Over!?

Now before we get carried away let us explain that the popular YouTuber that we always bring you as the Street Racing Expert Sim, does not mean that the No Prep Kings is going to be canceled or shut down, the term “over” that he used in describing the huge advantage that Ryan Martin has managed to grab after the last race in Idaho this past weekend.

For those that missed the event and our posts, on Saturday Ryan Martin managed to beat Kye Kelley in the finals of the Great 8 event and grab some extra points and massive momentum for Sunday and the Invitational race.

On Sunday, he used up all that momentum and managed to get to the finals of the invitational race and race Scott Taylor for the win.

The race was as epic as ever and we are sure that Scott Taylor’s team is still scratching their head, trying to figure out where are they going to be able to find the speed to match the gray Fireball Camaro that beat them with two cars, let alone find a way past that car.

So this is why Sim is saying that the championship is over, and since Ryan Martin has a 120-point advantage over Kye Kelley, things are looking grim for the NOLA team and Kye Kelley.

In reality, the next races will be double points and we all know that Ryan has managed to lose the championship because of this back in the day when he dropped out of the first round and Mike Murillo snatched the trophy with just one point more than Ryan during the second season.

However, we all know that Ryan and Javy have learned their lesson and will try everything in their power not to let this happen again, so check out the video and hear what Sim has on this topic.


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