The Worlds Fastest General Lee Can Run From any Cop (1600hp Twin Turbo LS)!!

Take a look at this, The Worlds Fastest General Lee Can Run From any Cop (1600hp Twin Turbo LS)!!

While many may hate the end of the video when these guys smash the windshield and damage the vehicle on purpose, we have to tell you that these guys have one of the greatest cars in their hands.

Today, we join the popular YouTubers WhistlinDiesel as they take delivery of one very special General Lee.

The guys at Holley Performance have built one incredible vehicle which pays homage to the legendary General Lee, however, this thing is packing a Twin Turbo LS which is capable of pushing out 1600 horses to the wheel and that is one great way to have fun.

These guys bring the car in a very terrible condition and once the guys at Holley Performance take a look at it you can see the despair in their eyes since they realize how much work they need to do before this thing can even leave the garage under its own power.

In true Dukes of Hazard theme, after managing to get the incredible engine and rebuilt the entire car, these guys did not have time to get the doors fixed, so these guys will have to get in and out of the car thru the window, and that gets this car closer to the legendary General Lee that we used to watch and love back in the days.

Of course, the horn plays Dixie and of course, these guys are going to be hooning it all over the place.

One of the most unexpected stunts they pulled, to be honest, was the one when the police asked them to move their vehicle off the bridge and they did a massive burnout in the process right in front of the officers.

So check out the video from the guys at WhistlinDiesel and enjoy some old-school amazing burnouts and much, much more, enjoy.

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