New Cars For Street Outlaws No Prep Kings After Summer Break!!!

Check this, New Cars For Street Outlaws No Prep Kings After Summer Break!!! 

After the summer break for the No Prep Kings Championship, we continue the racing season with the next event which is going to be held in Tulsa Oklahoma at the Raceway Park on the 12th and the 13th of August so before we get to it, let’s see what has been going on during the summer break.

As you may or may not know, many of these guys were not sitting idle during the break, instead, most of the top five were quite busy with racing and building and filming as well.

To top few guys like Ryan Martin and Kye Kelley did not use the summer break to improve their machines, instead, they had to film the Endgame show in which they had to build their brand new small tire street cars which they will use to compete with the rest of the participants like Murder Nova, Axman, and JJ Da Boss.

To matters even worst for the guy in the top spot, Ryan Martin, in addition to the Endgame show, he had to film the 405 Street Outlaws, which involved building another small tire street car and racing it on the streets.

As opposed to these guys, Swanstrom and his Swan Gang had all the time in the world to make sure their Lexus is ready for the second part of the season, which might give them a huge advantage over the other guys, especially since the last two races bring even more points for the winner.

While these guys were not racing their NPK cars, the fact is that with all that going on they could not have the time to work on them, test them and get them even faster during the break either.

So let’s check out what Sim has to say on the subject and hear who else will be a threat to Ryan, Kye, and to the rest of the top five on the NPK leaderboard.  

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