“I Just Want To Crush Him Every Time I Race Him” – Street Outlaws!!!

Wow, check this, “I Just Want To Crush Him Every Time I Race Him” – Street Outlaws!!!

We join Big Chief today as he has pulled a few chips out of the bag that he did not want to pull.

Those are Daddy Dave and Jeff Lutz.

As you all know, both of these guys are his friends but at the same time, as soon as they put on their helmets and line up against each other all that is out of the window, and for the next few seconds all they are thinking about is winning that race however they can, they will be back to being friends after they cross the finish line.

The first challenge he faces is his buddy Jeff Lutz, and the problem with this is the fact that he has been helping tune Jeff’s car, so unintentionally he might have shot himself in the foot with this one because he is about to race the car that he helped make faster.

The next one for him like we said is Daddy Dave and as we all know, Dave is one of the toughest competitors out there and today he is lining up against Chief with zero losses in this series, meaning that nobody has been able to beat him yet on this road, something that Big Chief should not take lightly.

Do not think for a second that this will get in Big Chief’s head, however, because what might make other drivers nervous on the starting line, clearly is a huge motivation for Chief because the way he puts it, this is his legacy he is on this spot in order to make sure that Dave gets his first loss.

So let us check out these races and see if the prep speech that Chief gives himself will be all it takes to get him to the finish line faster than both of his friends, or will have to go back to the computer to find out how and why he took a loss.

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