The Worst and Craziest GT-R Crash We Have Ever Seen, And he Walked Away!!!

Take a look at this, The Worst and Craziest GT-R Crash We Have Ever Seen, And he Walked Away!!!

As is often the story, it all starts with a guy that loves cars and this guy loved his GT-Rs more than any other car out there so he decided to show off the work that they did in their shop and race the GT-R that they have built.

In the first year he entered the competition he managed to break the record for the fastest manual H-pattern car, and he managed to hold on to that record for more than three years, now in a world of very fast cars like the GT-R’s are, this was quite the achievement, to be honest.

Over the years, the shop progressed and he moved up to race in the sequential class, and in turn on the next event, he grabbed that record as well and pushed it so far that it stood for another two or three years.

The next step up was a black GT-R with about 2100 horsepower, and boy was this thing misbehaving.

As you are about to see and as he tells it all now, they tried launching this thing multiple times and no matter how much power they took out of the car, the car would just not settle in a straight line and it would squirm twist and wiggle, from one side to the other violently.

After a few modifications, they turned it way down and after a few runs the car was looking like it can keep going faster and faster, since they were using it on low boost.

Well, it appears that this was a bit too much for that GT-R since within a few seconds the car rolled more than eleven times and nearly disintegrated itself, with the hood and the windshield flying into the air, while the driver watched them leave his vehicle.

So let’s play the video and allow him to tell you all about this incredible experience that he had behind the wheel of this incredible ride.

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