BoostedGT Is Done Racing On Street Outlaws!!!

Take a look at this, BoostedGT Is Done Racing On Street Outlaws!!!

From racer to Racemaster, Boosted has been one of the most prominent figures in Street Racing for many years, and today Sim is here to tell us that one of these careers might be coming to an end for the famous racer.

As Street Outlaws progressed over the year, so did the size of the tire and we all remember that at the beginning of the show all of the drivers were using the so-called small tires to propel their machines towards the finish line faster than the guy in the next lane.

As cars started getting more and more powerful it was obvious that the small tires are simply not going to cut it anymore and the drivers are going to need a bigger patch of rubber in contact with the street to put all that horsepower to the ground.

One by one, they all seemed to realize the same thing and started modifying their machines to be able to accommodate big tires to gain an advantage on the street and put down the immense numbers of power that they were producing.

There was however one guy that kept true to the initial setup and kept his small tires longer than any other racer out there, trying to prove that a solid pass on small tires will always beat a bad pass on big tires.

Yes, that was BoostedGT and to be honest, it is a shame to hear the news that Sim is bringing us.

The reason we say this is because these days, the 405 Street Outlaws gang has made a full circle and it is filming races of small tire street cars, while at the same time we hear news about one of the most famous small tire guys, is leaving the Street Outlaws.

So let’s check out Sim’s video and hear what he has to say on this subject.

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