BARN FIND Flock of Plymouth Road Runners and 70 Dodge Charger!!!

Take a look at this, BARN FIND Flock of Plymouth Road Runners and 70 Dodge Charger!!!

Today we join the Auto Archaeology YouTube channel which has been following the same cars for nearly 20 years and of course after managing to finally find the barn that they were hiding in, he made a video for all of us to see what he has been chasing all these years.

It is once again an astonishing find that brings us quite a few beautiful cars, and all we can do is hope that someday somebody will give them the love they deserve and drag them out of this barn and start getting them ready for a new life.

By the looks of the cars, they have not passed the threshold of being too rusty or too damaged to get them fixed, in fact, some of them look like they do not need too much work to get them going again, so fingers crossed we might end up seeing one of these cars on the road again, putting smiles on the driver as well as every other motorist that lays eyes on them.

 In addition to the cars, we will be seeing a lot of NASCAR stuff since the owner apparently bought out all the stuff that Ramo Stott the famous racecar driver owned and all his older stuff.

The one that really caught our eye is the original NASCAR headers that fit a 71 Road Runner and we cannot believe that somebody has not used those already because we think that this would be the way to go if you own a 71 Road Runner because who cares what the neighbors think.

Along with the cars, there are also some spare parts like bumpers and air grabber assemblies and other stuff so check out this great barn find and see all the goodies that are featured in it as well as the story about these cars.

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