Will Big Chief Put a Turbo LS in the Corvette? LETS LOOK INSIDE THE MYSTERY MOTOR!

Take  a look at this, Will Big Chief Put a Turbo LS in the Corvette? LETS LOOK INSIDE THE MYSTERY MOTOR!

It has been a while since we have brought you a video made by Big Chief and Jackie and as you are probably well aware, these two have been off the Street Outlaws show for the reason we have explained many times, and have decided to do things differently.

With about 320 thousand subscribers there is no doubt that Big Chief and Jackie will be able to keep in contact with their respective audience and fan base, which is always happy to see the duo in action as they work on their racing cars, as well as compete with them.

Today’s video brings us the first part of the explanation as Chief works on the famous Corvette before getting it to the next Small Tire Cash Days event.

Although Big Chief is very excited to get going, it seems that the popular small tire red Vette is missing an engine, a pretty big deal in car racing we would say.

The engine of course is not present inside the car for a very understandable reason, it has been taken apart and spread out in the garage due to some problems that may or may have not been caused by Jackie staying on the rev limiter for too long.

This as always is meticulously explained by Big Chief who reminds us of his immense experience and knowledge about internal combustion engines as he talks about how his crankshaft has actually “walked” to one side of the engine and caused some damage.

This of course is nothing that he cannot fix so the best thing to do is sit back and watch him as he explains how and what is about to

be done next in order for the Vette to get its engine back and get ready for the next small tire event, where it will show what it’s got.

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