JJ Da Boss Have a New No Prep Kings Car and it’s Fast!

Take a look at this, JJ Da Boss Have a New No Prep Kings Car and it’s Fast!

After the terrible accident on the first few weeks of America’s List, JJ Da Boss was left with two cars out of order that ended up pretty banged up and damaged.

Lucky for him and his crew, they managed to get Hummingbird up and running again and even take it to the top spot on America’s List for a while, which is something that is not easy to do.

After it was all said and done, they were thrilled to have the second-best car on the list only to be beaten by Ryan Martin and the Fireball Camaro, which every racer will tell you is not a bad thing.

This time we catch up with them as they are getting a brand new car ready for the races and hopefully they will take it to the No Prep Kings Championship. While JJ is not saying that this is the brand new NPK car, there are all sorts of rumors that claim that they might use it to try their luck in this prestigious championship.

From what we were able to see in this video, we are talking about a ’72 or ’72 Dodge Challenger with a huge screw blower sticking out of the hood.

According to JJ, we will be able to see this car in action at US 131 Motorsport Park in Martin Michigan for his famous JJ’S Arm Drop event on the 15 and 16th of July where they will be awarding the winners in the small tire as well as the winners in the big tire competition $ 5000 each.

 Until then, all we can do is speculate as to how fast this brand new car is and patiently wait to get to see it in action, however by the looks of the things that we were able to see in the video, Martin Michigan and the racers that will be attending the event, have been put on notice.

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One thought on “JJ Da Boss Have a New No Prep Kings Car and it’s Fast!

  1. I like it, but would hope they pay special attention to stability. That is a wing ready to fly.

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