Ryan Martin vs JJ Da Boss 405 TO THE TOP on Street Outlaws America’s List Season 2!!

Take a look at this, Ryan Martin vs JJ Da Boss 405 TO THE TOP on Street Outlaws America’s List Season 2!!

As incredible as it sounds, we have JJ Da boss from the Memphis crew on the top of the list and for those who are wondering why that is incredible, boy do we have a story for you.

As you may, or may not know, at the beginning of this competition JJ Da Boss crashed the famous Hummingbird taking his wife into the mayhem.

After rolling the Hummingbird numerous times, JJ decided not to take the car off the list, instead, he kept his head down and forfeited every race that he got challenged for in order not to hold up the list, and this had taken him down to the seventh spot.

After an amazing ordeal that he and his car went thru, and many sleepless nights, JJ finally had the Hummingbird up and running, and when we say running, we mean flying because, in a few weeks, he took that car to the top of America’s List, where we find him now.

On the other hand, we have Ryan Martin who got to the top spot within the first week and managed to stay there for the longest period of time, until he had some bad luck and destroyed the transmission, nearly injuring himself in the process.

The transmission blowout was so violent, that it sent shrapnel thru the roof cutting the metal like it was butter.

After this ordeal, Ryan had a few bad runs which got him as low as the third spot, but Javy and he managed to do what it takes and get the famous Fireball Camaro to the top spot on the list, where it belongs, according to many of the racers.

So why don’t we check out the video and see how this race goes and see will the 405 be able to get back on the top of the list, or will JJ manage to defend his first spot.

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