Great 8 Final Ryan Martin vs Lizzy on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at Houston Raceway!!!

Take a look at this, Great 8 Final Ryan Martin vs Lizzy on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at Houston Raceway!!!

The Great 8 is once again as cutthroat as the Invitationals and this time we have Ryan Martin and Lizzy Musi fighting for the very important 20 points as well as the chance to start the weekend the best way possible, by winning and setting the tone for the entire weekend.

We are once again incredibly blessed to have such a close competition when it comes to the No Prep Kings Championship and having to go to the ultra slow-motion video just to make sure who won the race is always a great thing.

To have two totally different cars with a huge difference in how they both get their extra horsepower and major differences in weight limitations and yet, to have to split the difference between them in thousands of a second is something that we all live and enjoy.

This is once again a demonstration of how hard both teams are working to get to that finish line faster than the car in the next lane and with literally no difference between them, well that proves that these guys have spent many sleepless nights in order to get their car as fast as they are.

From the video, you will see that as opposed to last week, Ryan and Javy have been trashing on that gray Fireball Camaro and managed to get the 60-foot faster than a nitrous car, a feat that was thought impossible, and yet, here we see them putting a car on the best in the Nitrous business, Pat Musi and his daughter Lizzy.

It all seems backward as you watch the video because this time, you have a Nitrous car that is pulling on the procharged Fireball but will Lizzy have enough real estate?

As always, we are not going to tell you who won the race, so play the video and find out.

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