Monza’s new Street Outlaws Car Revealed!!!

Take a look, Monza’s new Street Outlaws Car Revealed!!!

Now we have Monza speaking and he’ll reveal his new car and some new rules for the next year OG Street Outlaws show.

For the next season there will be different cars from the previous that we’re used to see.

More blue color related daily riders cruisers type cars must be included in the next season, a real street cars with other words. Cars you can drive to the night races, races there and return back. So there will be no trailers for the cars, no other tires and all the equipment for the cars, just spare pars and tool boxes.

Monza will reveal his car, but he’ll not let us to take a look at the engine or trans. The cars will be equipped with a cage in case of an accident and better safety for drivers.

Monza also will speak about the talk that circuits around that their cars from the past like his Split Bumper Camaro are racing cars, not a street cars like it shown on the TV. Most of the people will agree with this, and that’s why next season will be OG Street Outlaws with real street cars.

So to not stall you too much, Check the video bellow and tell us your thoughts about the new Monza’s car..

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