As all of us that follow the America’s List show know, we are getting close to the finishing episode that will give us the winner and the fastest driver/car combo in the streets of the USA.

While many of us cannot wait to find out who will be able to get to the crown of the streets, at the same time most of us are already asking ourselves, what is next for the Street Outlaws.

On one hand, we have the active No Prep Kings Championship with Kye Kelley and Ryan Martin at the top as they are tied in points, however, at the same time, we know that it is still early to start airing this show because they still need time for the whole thing to get to the end to start playing the episodes.

If you are thinking that The Discovery channel will leave us with nothing to watch, fear no more because there seems to be something else in the works by these guys that features our favorite street (and track) racers.

The new show that is being teased is named Street Outlaws Endgame and all we know at the moment is that according to the pictures we have seen, it will feature Jeff Lutz Ryan Martin, Chuck Seitsinger, and other racers, who are working on building a street car, or maybe even a truck.

As always we have Sim on the job of finding out what we should be expecting from this brand new show, and hopefully, he will give us all the information that we are missing and fill in the blanks that we have at the moment regarding this show.

So let us play Sim’s video and hear what he has managed to dig up on this brand new Street Outlaws show that Pilgrim Media Group and The Discovery Channel have in store for us.

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