When Will Big Chief Return to Street Outlaws!?

Take a look at this, When Will Big Chief Return to Street Outlaws!?

We once again join Sim as he tries to give us his opinion about one of the hottest topics this year, a topic that we all love to talk about and speculate on, Big Chief and the Street Outlaws.

For those of you that have somehow managed to miss this, let us bring you up to speed so you can know what we are talking about.

The newest season of the Street Outlaws Oklahoma brought us all sorts of changes at the top and all of a sudden we had Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave, Jeff Lutz Monza, and Chuck Seitsinger in the top five spots, you know which ones, the ones that give you a ticket to America’s List where you can prove once again that the 405 is the top team in the country and their drivers are the fastest on America’s List.

Everybody was expecting The Discovery Channel to pull out a wild card and use it to put Big Chief on the new 25 car list, however instead of him, all of a sudden Shawn Murder Nova Ellington appeared and he was the one that kinda took that spot.

Later, we found out that it was Big Chief who had an argument with the guys from the Memphis crew and in turn decided to quit the entire deal and walk away from the show that in a way, he helped create.

Shawn Murder Nova Ellington managed to take his place as the flagger along with Jeff Lutz and from there on further, these guys were trying to fill Big Chief’s big shoes as the Race Master and flagger.

Now that you are up to speed, you can play the video and find out what news Sim managed to dig out and will they point to an eventual return of Big Chief to the Street Outlaws show.

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