Street Outlaws Monza’s WICKED NEW No Prep Kings CAR and The Start to NPK Season 5!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Monza’s WICKED NEW No Prep Kings CAR and The Start to NPK Season 5!!!

It is once again time for the most important news in No Prep Kings and who better to keep us updated than Sim himself.

As he usually does, Sim has quite a lot to talk about so we should dive right in.

One of the biggest controversies that had transpired during the first race was surely the wrong win light that switched on after the race between Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin.

If by any chance you have not heard about this, we would be happy to tell you all about it.

In the semifinals just like many times, Daddy Dave had to race Ryan Martin in the gray Camaro and by the end of the race it was obvious to everybody that Ryan won by about a car, however then the green light that shows who the winner is on Daddy Dave’s left side switched on.

It was immediately clear to everybody in the crowd that something is wrong and you can see people waving their hands in disbelief and trying to find an answer to this.

In the end, after scratching the result that the timing gear presented the officials went to the tape and after reviewing it, declared Ryan Martin as the driver that will face Lizzy Musi in the final race of the day.

This is truly an odd situation and we cannot remember seeing the timing gear make such a mistake, to be honest.

Daddy Dave understandably did not protest the decision because he had first-row seat to Ryan Martin’s run and he knew that he did not win that race, no matter what the equipment said.

When it comes to the other news, there are plenty to go around and quite a few topics that Sim will cover so check out his video and see what he has to say about the start of the NPK Championship.    

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