Murder Nova Makes Emotional Decision To Save Friendship With Big Chief & Street Outlaws!!

Take a look at this, Murder Nova Makes Emotional Decision To Save Friendship With Big Chief & Street Outlaws!!

We have been watching these guys for years and years, and during this long time we have seen them go thru thick and thin together, winning and losing races, crashing and fixing cars, these guys were inseparable.

They even opened up their own garage that had the sole purpose of getting the cars to the finish line faster than the competition.

When they started Midwest Street Cars it seemed like the sky is the limit for this duo and whenever one of them would show up the other followed, helping each other in getting their cars better than the rest, using both of their knowledge to do so.

Things were going great but sometimes it looked like both of them are not spending an equal amount of time in the garage and they are not working on their cars as much as they used to.

There was a real good reason for it, and it was family.

Shawn Murder Nova Ellington was falling behind on the work that the Murder Nova needed to show the rest of the 405 its true potential and this was showing both on the street and in the garage, as Big Chief started seeing that Shawn would only show up to the races.

There was a good reason for this and it was not hard to understand that people change their priorities from time to time and cannot continuously be involved with the same passion as well as the same amount of time with the stuff that is going on.

The best way to settle these differences as always is to sit down and have a talk about them.

This time we get to see it once again as we saw it back then and we can hear what Shawn has to say about the lack of focus, so play the video and find out.

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