Ryan Martin vs Lizzy Musi in Final on First No Prep Kings Weekend for 2022 in Jupiter, FL!!!

Check this, Check this, Ryan Martin vs Lizzy Musi in Final on First No Prep Kings Weekend for 2022 in Jupiter, FL!!!

Palm Beach International Raceway is our destination today as we bring you the first finals of the long-awaited No Prep Kings Season 5 and unfortunately we have to just dive right into the finals to see who was the best of the best this weekend.

To be honest, none of these racers is a huge surprise to be seen in the finals because if you remember last season Lizzy was one of the toughest competitors that Ryan Martin had to beat in order to defend his Season 3 championship title.

So in a way, this season is proving to be starting right where it left off.

In the eliminations, Lizzy Musi raced Scott Taylor and managed to edge out the bumper in front of him proving that both of these cars are closely matched and the setup is what will be determining the winner in most of these races.

Ryan Martin did not have an easy walk to the park and the finals either because he had to race Cody Baker and the very fast screw blown “Shake N Bake” that managed to win an event last year.

Somehow, Dominator managed to red light on the start of his race against Lizzy Musi, and drag the shoot on top of that, reaching the finish line a few cars back from Lizzy.

The semifinal started as always with a massive burnout from Ryan Martin, who was lining up against Disco Dean and another screw blown car, the Stinky Pinky and lucky for Lizzy, she managed to get a bye run.

These guys had to be faster than quite a few of the fastest No Prep Racers in the country so seeing them in the finals is once again proof that this will be one very close race that will determine who will get the inaugural win this year.

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