Street Outlaws Daddy Dave & Doc in Fast Novas at NPK!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Daddy Dave & Doc in Fast Novas at NPK!!

In this video we have a couple of fast Novas that are boosted in different ways competing in this years first no prep kings event held in Palm Beach, Florida.

Goliath was crashed early last season but was brought back towards the end of last season. This season Daddy Dave looked to get to the top and had a strong showing.  Few months ago we inform you about rebuilt that Daddy Dave done to his car.

After grabbing a few parts that he needs for the Goliath, Dave is headed to take the transmission to the professionals for some TLC.

These things are always cheaper to get maintained on time instead of waiting for them to fail in a middle of a run costing Daddy Dave and the Goliath an event, not just the money that will be needed for a rebuilt.

On the other hand, we have Doc and his new No Prep Kings car. Doc who earlier last year crashed his infamous street beast monte carlo. Doc did not complete the new rebuild of the monte carlo so he borrowed a blown Nova that belongs to the Flamhoc Racing Team. It is an American Eagle nova that has a big roots supercharger sitting on top of it. With a new car comes new car blues as doc was dialing in the new car at the track.

Doc has tested the car on in Palm Beach earlier that weekend, he races against Ryan Martin and his Gray Camaro! It is great to see Doc back in the racing seat after all the trouble he has been thru and to be honest him racing against the gray Camaro with Ryan Martin in it must be one of the toughest grudge races that he has been in for quite a while.

So to not stall you too much, check the video bellow and tell us your thoughts….

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