Is Big Chief Building a New Chassis!? Is the Crow’s Chassis Outdated?

Check this, Is Big Chief Building a New Chassis!? Is the Crow’s Chassis Outdated?

We are back with Big Chief and Jackie and today we are talking about something that is hugely important on a race car but it does not get the biggest attention out of the entire car.

If we ask you what type of engine is in somebody’s car on America’s List, you would probably be able to tell us about each and every one of them.

However, the chassis is something totally different and probably even more important than the engine itself.

Many times you have heard how a chassis could not handle all the power that the engine is making and for many chassis, this is actually true, because of the year that they were built.

As technology moves forward so do the materials being used, as well as simulations that point out which part of the chassis would be under more stress than the other part.

Unlike other racers that try to hide all they can about their car, Big Chief tells us all that he knows about his chassis and there are some very interesting parts to its story.

For example, none of us expected that Big Chief’s chassis is more than 20 years old, and it began life as a Pro-Mod because apparently back then they were running Pro-Mods with steel roof and quarters as part of the regulations.

While this history lesson might be interesting, the main question is probably what is Big Chief going to do about this, because we all know that many of the new street cars have updated chassis or were even purpose-built in the past few years, so that begs the question, is the Crow good enough with the current chassis and setup that it has to be the fastest?

Well once again that is a question that Big Chief should answer and all we can tell you is sit back and play the video, he will tell you guys all that you need to know and then some, enjoy.

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