Update on Chucks Status with Jail and Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, Update on Chucks Status with Jail and Street Outlaws!!!

We are once again bringing you one of Sim’s videos and this time as always he has some news for us that he wants to share.

This is regarding one of the 405 boys who has been apparently taken to Jail and cannot join the rest of the crew on their endeavors at the moment, since he is a bit, tied up should we say.

At the moment according to Sim, Chuck is spending a month and a half in jail, and who knows with a few appeals that time might even be shortened and he might be getting home sooner than Sim thinks, but at the moment we should not count on it.

The most important question here is whether Chuck will be able to continue racing in the No Prep Kings Championship and how many races he will have to give up and simply not show up on during this time.

On the other hand, there is the case of parole and the question is will Chuck be able to leave the state and attend the races that are being held out of Oklahoma, and that is something that we cannot say at the moment because there are many different reasons why they should let him and way they would not.

There are cases where the Parole Officer does allow travel due to work and in the case of Chuck that is good news because he is working at the time, he is attending his races because he is a professional racer and needs to be there in order to make a living.

So let us give our undivided attention to Sim and find out all that he knows about Chuck Seitsinger’s incarceration and where do we go from there, will there be a bunch of races missed, or will it be just a few.

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