Street Outlaws Axman’s New Noonan Small Block Hemi Combo & No Prep Kings Comeback!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Axman’s New Noonan Small Block Hemi Combo & No Prep Kings Comeback!!!

The last time we saw Axman in the No Prep Kings Championship was the year 2019 and for quite a while he was doing very well, making it to the final races.

Unfortunately, the next season he was nowhere to be seen in the No Prep Kings Championship as Ryan Martin fought Lizzy Musi and the rest of the gang for the title.

As we all know it was Ryan Martin who won that season, followed by Kye Kelley, Justin Swanstrom, Robin Roberts, and Lizzy Musi.

This was the same year that Axman dominated the Fastest in America list as he continuously managed to win against Kye Kelley and Big Chief, whether it was in the chase is a race game or even when they managed to race.

We are not the ones to speculate whether winning America’s List took a toll on Axman and he did not manage to get the car ready for the track and the street in the short amount of time these guys have available.

Back in 2019 Axman’s Nova was putting everybody on notice every time it made a pass, but this time it appears that it is going to be even worse for whoever lines up against him since that Noonan small block Hemi will be able to provide a huge amount of power while staying in a low weight category due to displacement.

While the new combo provides him with a much better power to weight ratio than the old one, we must not forget that the competition has been getting faster and faster in the meantime and he truly has a tough road ahead of him.

All we can do is wish him great success and hope that he can make this competition faster and more interesting to watch with every fast past he makes.

In the meantime, check out the video and find out as much as you can about his new combo.

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