Street Outlaws: Mean Gene Wreck, Kentucky Cash Days 2 turns into Crash Days!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws: Mean Gene Wreck, Kentucky Cash Days 2 turns into Crash Days!!!

Let us take you with a video to the Kentucky Cash Days 2.0 2022, an event that was held at Decker Boys Raceway organized by HAPPY – Hans Escobar featuring small tire cars, big tire cars, and even bikes.

While the small tire cars are not allowed to have wheelie bars, the bikes are required to be on street tires, in an open class AKA “run what you brung”.

Unfortunately, today we are bringing you a video that features a beautiful muscle car being wrecked.

During this No Prep event held last weekend at Decker Boys Raceway, Mean Gene was putting down fast times with his beautiful muscle cars when disaster struck and he ended up crashing it into the wall.

As you are about to see, halfway down the track he started losing grip and the right-hand wheel left a pretty solid black mark on the racetrack which by the looks of things, caused it to move left towards the wall a bit.

Within a split second his left tire was out of the groove and it started spinning as well which meant only one thing, Gene is in big, big trouble.

With the finish line in his sights and a decent amount of speed, he lost the rear end and started heading into the wall on the opposite side, straight into his opponent’s lane.

Lucky for both of them, at this time he was a few cars ahead and managed to miss his opponent.

If he was just a bit faster, we would have been writing an article about how two cars wrecked in the same race at Decker Boys Raceway.

The racers that have seen this video have explained to us that the Decker Boys Raceway is not the best place to put huge amounts of power near the big end of the track, so let this be a lesson of caution for all.


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