The Chief and Shawn Show Will NEVER Come Back!

Check this, The Chief and Shawn Show Will NEVER Come Back!

From time to time, whenever we talk about things, we tend to hear what we want to hear and miss the stuff that does not seem like the best idea to us.

This time it appears that whenever Sim was talking about a podcast featuring Big Chief and Jackie, many of his viewers heard, Big Chief and Shawn Murder Nova Ellington.

If you have missed the news by some chance, Big Chief has quit America’s List and he had quite a few things to say about his decision lately.

During this interview, he did not say however if he will be quitting the 405 original Street Outlaws show, the one that he helped build over the last nearly ten years.

There is no doubt that he has done much for this show and only after seeing others Jucin and others working as race masters and flaggers is when we saw how much drama can occur from doing these things not necessarily wrong, but different from what we and the rest of the racers are used to.

 So to be honest, we would love to see him come back to the show and do the rest of the things that we are used from him, be it as a flagger or a racer or even the race master, but it appears that at the moment, none of our wishes will be coming true soon.

The deal with Big Chief and Shawn Murder Nova Ellington having a show together seems to be dying with each word that comes out of Sim’s mouth because he is mentioning legal repercussions about it which we have not been familiar with.

So why don’t we sit back and let Sim tell us all about what is planned, what is possible, and what is not in the works for Big Chief and Shawn.

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