1,300HP Mercury Comet BRAKE FAILURE CRASH!!!

Take a look at this, 1,300HP Mercury Comet BRAKE FAILURE CRASH!!!

1,300HP Mercury Comet has brake failure causing the car to slam into the back of a minivan causing injuries to the driver and passenger.

This 1964 Mercury Comet is built with a lot of love for almost 23 years costing the owner more than 100k $ and two wife’s 🙂

This guy built the car by his own as we say above for 23 years. Everything is built by himself out of his garage.

It has a 632 Merlin big block Chevy with a 471 Blower on it.

During that 23 year process something that caught up our host is that the owner told him the brakes are done 17 years ago. The car hasn’t been driven much, but the brake technology has changed dramatically over these 17 years. And the owner by himself telling that he should probably change the brake system.

After all shooting and making the interview, they go for a ride with the car. And what happens next, check the video…

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