Kayla Morton’s Hot Mess Express Mustang Crash!!!

Take a look at this, Kayla Morton’s Hot Mess Express Mustang Crash!!!

It appears that Kayla has made a mess out of the Hot Mess Express Procharged Mustang lately, but we will get to that in a minute.

As always with these videos, we would like to inform you that Kayla has not sustained any injuries as this is the most important thing when we talk about videos that feature a racer crashing their race car.

Before we get to the crash however we would like you to check out a few videos that are showing that Kayla has been putting down some very fast runs on the track and many of them have been against some serious competition, like the famous Robin Roberts and his car named High Voltage, and Adam Jennings and his screw blown car AKA Dark Horse.

During the test run at Huston Raceway Park, her fuel line had come loose which in turn started spilling fuel on the track, a problem that led to her losing traction and sending her car into a spin which she managed to recover only for a brief second, before hitting the left side wall.

After watching the video, we have to compliment her driving because although she did not manage to avoid contact with the wall entirely, her skills made sure that the damage is far less extensive than what could have happened after that fuel line problem.

Tulsa Raceway Park is the next destination that she is hoping her Hot Mess Express Mustang will be able to get to, however, as it often is with these guys, she needs some sponsorship to be able to get the car ready on time, so if you have a business that needs some advertising at the Tulsa Raceway, well you are welcome.

So check out this great video compilation of Kayla and her Procharged Mustang and her unfortunate outing at the Huston Raceway Park.

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