Let’s check in with one of the most informed guys on YouTube when it comes to Street Outlaws and street racing in general, yes we are talking about Sim who as always has a brand new episode for us so he can inform us about all the news that he managed to gather about these guys.

One of the few topics that he wants to talk about is of course the rumor that has been going around how the next season there will be some major changes to the way these guys conduct the starting procedures at the Fastest in America.

The biggest changes as it seems are the rules that many have had issues with during many different events that were held, including this one.

The first one is the flashlight start which many drivers have been asking for due to the fact that this is the clearest way to make sure that people leave on time and stop jumping, along with the second change which is, “chase is a race”.

We have seen people in America’s List start making deals with each other to leave on time and not play games, and that even includes the Memphis team.

On the other hand, we all remember how Chuck made a deal with his teammate Jeff Lutz and still jumped and try to get the win that way.

To be honest, we would be happy to see these changes happen for many different reasons, and if they decide to bring in the lane crossing rule, we honestly think that the drivers will be much safer and at least some accidents will be avoided, which is always a good thing.

So check out Sim’s video and see what other news he has for us and hear what he has to say about his main topic, about drivers leaving the Street Outlaws show.

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