Daddy Dave Racing S10 is Back! New Street Outlaws OG 405 Show!!!

Check this, Daddy Dave Racing S10 is Back! New Street Outlaws OG 405 Show!!!

Ever since Big Chief left the show, it appears that while the producers did not allow him to have things his way, they kinda tore up a few pages from his notebook and paid very close attention to his interview which followed, as he explained the reasons for leaving.

In that interview, Big Chief kept talking about how street racing used to be very fun with street cars that they drove to locations and raced them, however since then all these guys ended up having full-blown race cars that they are using to race on the street.

Well, the next thing we know the producers decided to make the top five drivers build their own small tire cars that were able to drive around and race between them, calling the show Street Outlaws Endgame.

It seems that everybody got on board with this idea so all we see these days are guys from the 405 that are getting small tire vehicles ready to go racing.

This time we catch up with Daddy Dave and the incredibly popular S10.

This is the vehicle that helped Daddy Dave get on the street racing map and even propel him to the legendary status, as he was the man to beat behind the wheel of that popular black truck.

While Dave is building a different car for the upcoming small tire races in the 405, it appears that this time he wants to go out once again in the legendary S10 and have fun driving it on the streets, doing burnouts, and racing other guys at the location that they are headed.

So check out this great video which features nearly all the other 405 racers and their daily drivers as they stand around and reminiscence the good old times about who pushed who into ggetting what car once they have seen the competition. 

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