Big Chief Racing in the Baddest of the Bad on Big Tire Cash Days on the street of DFW!

Take a look at this, Big Chief Racing in the Baddest of the Bad on Big Tire Cash Days on the street of DFW!

Ever since he walked out on the Street Outlaws, Justin Big Chief Shearer has had more time to go back to the roots of street racing, and this event represents the very core of this type of racing.

Without the production and a huge organization behind it like Pilgrim Media, some might say that these are the real Street Outlaws that are getting to race illegally on the streets with the police breathing down their necks at every location that they find.

The other day we had a video of Big Chief telling us how he needs to test more to make sure to go down a virgin road first off the trailer and for a moment there we all thought that that won’t be necessary because he pulled the last chip out of that bag.

That meant that there will be plenty of rubber on the street before he gets to stage his Crow and make a pass.

Or so we all thought.

It turns out that the police got wind of what these guys are doing and showed up, to crash the party, so the entire caravan of racers had to move to a different location.

The good news was that there will be a few races before Big Chief had to face Bryan Chucky Davis and these cars will lay some rubber down.

Guess what, that did not work out and since one of the racers broke a rod and there was oil in the lane so once again they had to move to a brand new piece of virgin road.

This was once again bad news for Chief and good news for Chucky since we all know that a Nitrous car will always perform better than a turbo car off the line in bad conditions.

So check out the video and see if Big Chief will be able to dial down the power of The Crow or if will Chucky be victorious.

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