What happened between Big Chief and Murder Nova!?

Do you know, What happened between Big Chief and Murder Nova!?

There are not many people that can say that they have promoted Street Racing better than Justin Big Chief Shearer and this is a fact that we have mentioned many, many times before and are always standing by it.

This is why the entire Street Outlaws scene had lost one of the most important racers at the beginning of the filming of the second season of America’s List when Big Chief decided to walk out of the driver’s meeting before the season even really started.

Back then we informed you that it was a disagreement between him and the Memphis team that caused him to decide, as he put it, that this is no longer fun due to the limitations that were thrown on these guys by the producers of Pilgrim Media Group.

But even before this happened, there was a fallout between Justin Big Chief Shearer and Shawn Murder Nova Ellington, which is today’s topic of conversation.

As we have explained many times before, these guys did not have a real altercation or a real fight if you will, instead, it was the fact that they wanted different things in life at the moment.

You see, as Big Chief explained he would be in the garage daily working on his race car, while Justin kept skipping day after day, and did not even show up at the garage, for a very good reason. He decided that he needs to split his time between his family and street racing and spend much more time with the family which is always a good idea.

On the other hand, Big Chief was all about racing and improving his race car to stay on top of the game and the top spot on the famous 405 list.

So to find out what happened next, please play the video and listen closely, because apparently, the author has been reading our articles, which is once again proof that you guys get the best news about street racing sooner than anybody else does.

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  1. I watched till the end. Modern day Billy the kids. I dont have a favorite, they are all human. Love the cars, older the better.

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