Big Chief Testing The Crow for Cash Days!!!

Take a look at this, Big Chief Testing The Crow for Cash Days!!!

Did you know that Big Chief has never won a cash days event?

Well it is true and this is why he thinks that the next one has his name written all over it and to be honest, we agree with this because at the moment nobody is better deserving of one of these than Big Chief himself.

As we all know he quit the show and decided to go back to the roots and what is closer to where he came from than testing on the street to find the best combination for the next Cash Days event that he will attend and hopefully win.

Before he gets to that event, it appears that Big Chief is trying to cover all bases and make sure that Mr. Crow is able to conquer everything that the organizer will throw at it, be it black top, brushed concrete, light grooves, and even deep grooves concrete right off the trailer.

Testing on the streets is the best way that he can do this so we join him into the night as he heads out to find all the different types of surfaces that he can in order to make a pass on all of them.

These events are very competitive so making sure you can go down the road first off the trailer is very important because that may decide the event results for you right there and then, and even send you packing with only one race.

OG racers like Big Chief are always trying new stuff and different combinations so today he is testing some different rear gears and new converter settings which he hopes will give him an edge in the upcoming Cash Days event.

It appears that he and Jackie are getting pretty good on the videography so play the video and see some amazing shots, like the rear brake discs lighting up in the middle of the night as they slow down The Crow.

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