Street Outlaws Endgame – Kye Kelley’s Car Build!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Endgame – Kye Kelley’s Car Build!

They say that the third time’s a charm because in the 17th century the British believed that the number three brings luck so since the 1800’s it has been used to describe and wish good luck on the third time you are completing one action.

It seems that Kye Kelley believes in this so much that he ended up starting three projects for the new show called Street Outlaws Endgame and only finished the third, the one that you are about to see in this video.

As you know, Ryan Martin, Kyle Kelley, Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington, JJ Da Boss and Larry “Axman” Roach are going head to head in the competition of going back to the street racing roots and building a real street car, unlike the designated race cars that they have been using lately.

Today’s video shows a preview of the episode that focuses on Kye Kelley and the crazy adventure which he has embarked upon during this build.

They started with a tip from his friend Smoke who told them about a newer model Mustang that was sitting in a junkyard that needed saving so that’s what they did, they purchased the car in order to fix it up and use it to defeat the rest of the guys in the Endgame competition.

Long story short, they blew up the Mustang to pieces, and we don’t mean figuratively, no they loaded it with explosives and blew it up.

Next in line was a race car that Kye had an eye on for quite a while and the idea was that they will purchase that, and use it.

Only after purchasing it did they decide that this is not going to be compliant with the rules of the Endgame that he agreed upon, and had to abandon the second project as well.

Now, as the third project we bring you the Buick Regal which has been in Kye’s ownership for quite a while, but this time they have upgraded significantly, so check out the video and see what Kye will be working with.

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