Justin Swanstrom Wrecks at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Houston Raceway!!!

Take a look at this, Justin Swanstrom Wrecks at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Houston Raceway!!!

If you managed to miss it by any chance, we are here to tell you that this past weekend the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings championship caravan was in Huston Raceway Park, where once again Ryan Martin dominated the field and grabbed both wins, the Invitational as well as the Great 8 race on Saturday.

The beginning of the weekend showed us that Lizzy Musi will be the racer to beat as she fought Ryan for the Great 8 win, which Ryan managed to grab with one of the closest photo finishes we have seen in a while.

Running that close to the gray Fireball Camaro was an indication that Lizzy will be a nightmare for many drivers that end up lining up next to her, and this time it was Jason Swanstrom AKA Lil Country who had the honors of staging in the left lane next to Lizzy.

From what we have been seeing on America’s List, Lizzy’s street car was not performing as it should on the street, however, it appears that her NPK car is in great shape and that was surely causing concerns for the Swan Gang.

Unfortunately, this race gave them even more problems because, after the finish line, Justin’s car Prenup decided to have a run with the right-hand side wall.

As always, the most important thing is that Justin Lil Country Swanstrom was safe and he was able to walk out of the car a few moments after the crash, and don’t worry, his Swan Gang team managed to get this car running again for the invitational race thanks to no other than Jeff Lutz.

We have nothing but respect for Jeff and his team for helping Justin and his gang get that car back in the race, so let’s check out the race and see how it all went down.

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