Details on the New Street Outlaws 405 Show!!!

Now this is the news for today, Details on the New Street Outlaws 405 Show!!!

While we were talking about the Street Outlaws EndGame show, it turns out that Sim thinks that it has been filmed for a few months now and this time we are here to find out what Sim has been able to gather up.

For whatever reason Sim is convinced that the Endgame TV Show is going to be featuring cars that are being pushed down the track by small tires and according to him this will be the transition to small tire racing in their shows.

When it comes to changing the entire setup of racing we all know that the producers are likely to follow the directions of the races and this time it appears that they have realized that the small tires races have such a big fan base and they would love to give them what they want.

There is no doubt that the small tire cars and their drivers have tons of potential just like their big cousins and it seems that the Pilgrim production has a way to get the racers on their side and into the videos that have managed to get the racers we know now famous beyond their means.

Amongst the many small-tire racers that we are about to see in the new show, Jeff Lutz has a special place as he brings the brand new incredibly clean 57 Chevy.

We all know that Jeff Lutz is a master builder but it once again seems that he has managed to outperform himself with this incredible build that is sure to be one of the top competitors on the new show.

So why don’t we all sit back and watch the video that Sim has managed to put together and find out what we are to expect from the newest editions of the Street Outlaws show, whatever the new title might be?

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