Big Chief vs Brian Chucky Davis DFW Cash Days 2022!!!

Take a look at this, Big Chief vs Brian Chucky Davis DFW Cash Days 2022!!!

Just a few days ago, we brought you a video of Big Chief testing The Crow for the upcoming Big Tire Cash Days, and we went on and on about how testing is always important in situations like these when the drivers will be facing the road surface for the first time once they get on the spot where the races are to be held.

Back then we saw Big Chief trying to test on nearly every surface he can find in the area to get the car ready for all sorts of bad roads so he won’t end up spinning the tires and going nowhere once the light turns on and he releases that trans-brake button.

If you have seen the video, you know that a quick disconnect sprung a leak and his transmission fluid was all over the place, stopping his test session sooner than he had hoped for, since you cannot drive a car that might leak slippery fluids onto the back wheels.

As he puts it, that is a great way to end up dead, or at least total the car, since a loss of traction on one side will inevitably cause the car to get sideways extremely fast and extremely violent.

Even though he did not complete his testing session, we find Justin “Big Chief” Shearer and his Mr. Crow as he calls it, in the finals of the big tire category going against no other than Bryan “Chucky” Davis, just like that terrible day about seven years ago, Chucky ran into Chief’s car causing it to flip numerous times.

Don’t worry though, we promise that once Limpy pops that light on, this will not be the case today, both drivers will be safe at the finish line, but one of them will not be happy to have lost the chance to grab a few bucks and the first Cash Days tittle

So check out the video and see who gets to go home a few bucks richer this time.

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