This might be one of the few unanswered questions that Sim has left out there for everybody, however, it seems that this thing is eating at him as wee, probably even more than us so let’s dive into it and try to find out what he knows about this ordeal.

As you remember, it was the end of the Street Outlaws Oklahoma show and Big Chief managed to finish a few spots below what we were all expecting him to, which was the threshold of who gets to compete on America’s List, representing Oklahoma and the 405 team.

Be that as it may, there was no doubt that Big Chief will be the so-called “Wild Card” that gets to run with the rest of the pack and fight for his chance to win the top spot on America’s List while performing his duties as the ever-present race master and flagger.

Then all of a sudden we had Shawn Murder Nova Ellington appear out of nowhere and try to salvage the situation and perform the duties of Big Chief.

While there were tons of rumors as to why Big Chief did not get to participate in the show which he helped create, the most often story we heard was the disagreement between him and the Memphis crew.

The story goes that Big Chief did not want to play games at the starting line, and that meant that if you let go of the transbrake button before the light turns on, you have red-lit, and lost the race.

As we all know, a huge part of the MSO game is the chase is a race deal, and they did not want to race without this rule.

So was this the reason that Big Chief left the show that he helped create?

Let’s check out Sim’s video and find out if there is more to it than this.

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